Best Premature Cure For Your Ejaculation Problems


Untimely ejaculation problems are experienced by almost all men. There can be many factors causing these problems. As there can be many causes, there are also many solutions from which you can choose your best premature cure.

Self Help Measure

There are various techniques you can try on your own. First, you could perform masturbation prior to the intercourse so you will give your buy additional time for the semen to build up. Over stimulation is a factor that can also cause premature ejaculation; thus, you can use a thick condom to decrease the sensation. A simple deep breath can also help momentarily stop your ejaculatory reflex. You could also choose an appropriate position that will allow you to control your movements and amount of stimulation your body feels for each penetration you perform. Another way to reduce the sensation is by focusing your mind to think about other things not related to what you are currently doing.

Therapy For You And Your Partner

This is referred to as couple’s therapy that offers double benefits. The first benefit is that it helps you and your partner to explore other issues that could be affecting the relationship. Advice may be obtained from the therapy that can help in resolving the issues.

The second benefit focuses on the actual problem of the man, his premature ejaculation. You will be shown how to abandon unhealthy habits that may be leading or causing you to ejaculate prematurely. Helpful techniques will be taught such as the Squeezing technique. It involves your female partner to masturbate you. Once you feel that you are near the point of ejaculating, you will give her a signal so that she may stop the up and down motion and instead, squeeze the head of your shaft for 10-20 seconds. Afterward, she needs to let go of her hold on your member and resume again after about 30 seconds. The technique must be performed a number of times before you can actually be allowed to ejaculate. Another Technique is the Stop and Go technique. It is somehow similar to the first method described; but here, your partner needs not squeeze the head.


Medicines may also be prescribed by your doctor if it is deemed that you do need to use medications. Instances when medications are described involved certain underlying conditions like depression. If depression is what causes you to ejaculate prematurely, one of the more commonly prescribed drugs is SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Just like other medicines, you can expect to experience some side effects when using SSRIs such as sick feeling, fatigue, excessive sweating and diarrhea. These adverse effects are usually mild and may improve after 2-3 weeks of use.

Herbal Treatments

Various herbs and plant-derived treatments for untimely ejaculation are available. To choose which one is the best may take some time because each case may be different from the others. Among these herbal treatments, the most common are ginkgo biloba, clove oil and winter cherry.

Ginkgo biloba, as well as Asian ginseng, if regularly used, can help improve blood flow to your penis. It can help give you prolonged erection. If taken inappropriately or in high dosages, side effects to be expected are stomach upset, muscle weakness and headaches.

Clove oil is used topically. It causes slight numbing effect on the penis and thus reduces the stimulation you may feel. It is also believed to increase your stamina. Possible side effects include allergic reactions both to the man and to his partner.

Winter cherry or Indian Ginseng has been used for many years as treatment to male reproductive problems. It helps improve your stamina, give you better erections and increase your sexual desire.