Best LipSense for Your Color


There is a basic problem with maximum number of ladies regarding make up. The problem is that they do not exactly know which color suits them the best. This leads them to imitate the beautiful color lady or models using some specific colors that suit their figure and fairness. First of all females need to know what is the type of skin color they possess and their dressing and outlook styles. Accordingly they need to choose the colors and fades more over dress accordingly. LipSense LipColor from SeneGence is going to suit maximum ladies for its uniqueness of semi permeability.

Lip colors from LipSense are not that simple they have been specially formulated to be soft and soothing on lips. SeneGence has many other products for make up for the whole body and has categorized the products accordingly. Coming back to the topic, how to know or have basic knowledge of colors to make up for type of skin you possess. Most simple is that going to a beautician. Do you feel they are expensive? Just log in to SeneGence LipSense websites, there is lot of information about skin colors and colors that match type of skin. There you can have good knowledge of color mixing and creating shades just try them and be an attractive hot chic!

If you go by the website of SeneGence, you get all color combinations for the particular kind of skin as said earlier. Here we will let you know about some of the skin types and the color you need to choose to be attractive. For Blondes, if you are a light blonde you ca use colors like wines, mauves, berries and cappuccino colors. If you are a golden blonde, you get a superb look with shades of peach, apricot or coral. For blondes especially having olive toned skin should go for dresses of color brown, peach or terra cottas to match with the shade on face.

If redheads, please be selective and choose warm cinnamon, peachy brown and terracotta colors. If you are lucky having black hairs or have colored your hair black then can go for deep plums, mauves or reds. This will give an extensive looks of making any man stop for a moment to enjoy the beauty. Brunets can go for wearing terracotta, reds with a brown and cinnamon. Brunets with dark eyes can wear dark to medium shade of red lip color.